EASE, Inc. has provided support to both private industry and the military for disposition of excess energetic materials.

Propellant, Explosives, and Pyrotechnics (PEP) Support

Quantity Distance (QD) siting; BATF and DoD 4145.26-M Contractors' Safety Manual compliance support

Blast Resistant Structures Design

Design and specification of blast resistant structures and barriers in accordance with TM 5-1300 / NAVFAC P-397 / AFR 88-22 (Structures to Resist the Effects of Accidental Explosions)

Munitions and Rocket Motor Demil Support

Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) review and technical support

High Explosives (HE) Bomb Washout

Design, construction, and startup of bomb washout (explosives removal) facilities

Confined Burn

Design and specification of energetics confined burn facilities including air pollution removal equipment

Base Hydrolysis

Design and specification of sodium hydroxide neutralization processes for propellant and explosive materials

Propellant Commercial Use

Design and specification of facilities and processes to utilize rocket and gun propellants in the manufacture of commercial blasting agents

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